Foot care tips for men

Men’s feet are pretty low-maintenance, but they can still benefit from some basic foot care. After all, nobody likes funky feet 😊

What causes food allergies?

Food allergies happen when the immune system – the body’s defence against infection – mistakenly treats proteins found in food as a threat.


I am delighted to have been entered on The Register for Foot Health Practitioners (RFHP) – this is a non-profit professional association for Foot Health Practitioners.

Buying new shoes

Buying the right shoes is an investment in foot health. But how do you find ones that fit properly and provide adequate support?


Heels – cracked heels are painful and occur where the skin has become dry or has experienced excessive pressure.  They can be caused by wearing open-backed shoes such as sandals and flip flops which rub around the edge of the heel. 

Foot Treatments

Regular foot treatments are so important! Your feet will remain in better condition if you have a regular foot routine.