Below are some of the testimonials from Michelle’s happy customers.


“I found exactly who I was looking for in Michelle”

“It’s always a worry trying to find a replacement therapist, especially when you’ve been going to the same one for a number of years.

My podiatrist has recently moved to France so I had to look around for someone I could trust, and feel relaxed with.

Well I found exactly who I was looking for in Michelle.

She came to my house to treat my feet. And treat is the right word! She arrived on time – always a plus in my book! After soaking my feet she proceeded to examine my feet for any signs of callouses, corns etc. None found, so she cut my toenails, filed them and got rid of the hard skin on my feet. Then the nice part of the treatment! Lovely moisturising cream was applied and a glorious massage followed!

My feet felt like they had been wrapped in cotton wool, I was walking on air!

I booked my next appointment with confidence and can’t wait for that lovely massage again.

I count myself very lucky to have found Michelle and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Why not book her yourself and treat your feet!”

Maureen Kelly


“Fantastic service! My feet have had a lovely treat!”

Kim Tookey


“My feet haven’t felt so good in years! Very relaxing”

Derick Tookey


“Really pleased with my treatment. My feet look so much better and Michelle gave me good advice for aftercare too. Michelle is very friendly and professional, would definitely recommend”

Kelly Owen


“Amazing job”

“Would like to thank Michelle so much for the amazing job she did on my feet!!! She worked so efficiently and gave me tips on how to maintain healthy feet until her next visit !

She made sure I was comfortable and explained all the steps she was carrying out at the time which was so reassuring. I will definitely use Michelle again and recommend her to all my friends and family “

Renaye Okolie


“Very professional, my feet feel silky smooth definitely recommendable”

Holly Fish


“After having the kind treatment done to my feet I can walk in comfort again . Thank you Michelle for the excellent service “

June Thompson


“I’ve never had my feet treated before. Now I have had the amazing experience I will certainly be a regular customer! 5-star service”

Ernestine Diedrick


Yogi Footwear

Yogi Footwear

So it’s been a little while since I received my Yogi Footwear shoes.

Foot care tips for men

Foot care tips for men

Men’s feet are pretty low-maintenance, but they can still benefit from some basic foot care. After all, nobody likes funky feet 😊

What causes food allergies?

What causes food allergies?

Food allergies happen when the immune system – the body’s defence against infection – mistakenly treats proteins found in food as a threat.



I am delighted to have been entered on The Register for Foot Health Practitioners (RFHP) – this is a non-profit professional association for Foot Health Practitioners.

Buying new shoes

Buying new shoes

Buying the right shoes is an investment in foot health. But how do you find ones that fit properly and provide adequate support?



Heels – cracked heels are painful and occur where the skin has become dry or has experienced excessive pressure.  They can be caused by wearing open-backed shoes such as sandals and flip flops which rub around the edge of the heel. 

Foot Treatments

Foot Treatments

Regular foot treatments are so important! Your feet will remain in better condition if you have a regular foot routine.