I have been entered on The Register for Foot Health Practitioners (RFHP). This is a non-profit professional association for Foot Health Practitioners, who places practitioners on a register, making the public aware that the practitioner is trained to the highest possible industry standards.

Supporting best practice. 

The RFHP campaigns for, promotes and supports those who work and practice in the Foot Health Practitioner Industry. It reaches out to people who act as advocates for the Foot Health Profession and it anticipates and exceeds stakeholder expectations.

Entry onto the RFHP is exclusively reserved for those practitioners who have completed a programme of study that is Nationally accredited and recognised by the RFHP Entry onto the RFHP assures clients and the public at large that the practitioner is appropriately qualified and trained to conduct the highest standard of foot care treatments.

Members are of all ages and come from a broad range of professional and personal backgrounds.